Live Writer is Open

Yes I admit it. I am so “experienced” (aka: senior) that I had fond memories of Live Writer. Therefore, I had to try it out.

some program ui
Open Live Writer running on my Win 10 Pro machine 12DEC15

After few unsuccessful attempts to connect to this blog it suddenly connected this morning (12DEC15). Which has to do, I assume, with sorting out the Azure side of things. To download OLW, click on its image above. There is no point of “teaching” you how to use it since it is simple and you know your way around.


Yes. I think this might change the  WordPress landscape considerably. WP is and never was an “wysiwig”(1) on-line content creation tool. Neither that was allowed to be mentioned too much, in the Church of Word Press, under supreme rule of one Matt Mullenweg.

Even latest (WP 4.4) much trumpeted Calypso core,  JavaScript API , etc. are still leaving all of the end users and customers dumbfounded when they have to add or update or (god forbid) remove even the simplest posts or pages in their sites/blogs. Not to talk about any form of just a bit more advanced content , like tables, colors and a such.

OLW chages that. And on top of that it changes it for end customers.

Suddenly people who payed for WordPress sites and blogs, can actually use them.

I am sure rather soon we will see versions for Mac, Android, Ubuntu etc. With plugin Eco system reinstated and starting to blossom.

Kudos to Scott Hanselman and the Team .

1: Astonishingly I had to insert a link to the explanation on “Wysiwig”. That was the content of the most discussions on the Scott Hanselman page where he announced OLW.