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MSFT needs more JavaScript expertise

winjsMicrosoft (MSFT) is moving to JavaScript (JS). Rewriting everything in pure JavaScript would be impossible. It would require a lot of JS expertise and MSFT lacks even now enough JS/HTML experts for this “moving to WinJS” mammoth task.

I am wondering where have all the MSFT JS people working on WinJS been until now and since when are they working under new WinJS + WinRT regime and instructions ? That is: when are the orders issued, to move everything to JavaScript? It seems JS.NET team was not enough. The result is that sometimes one can find herself faced with very large lack of JavaScript skills, while travelling around this new MSFT universe.

But, why do we care?
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isFunction() or isObject(), that is the question ?

In my previous post, we have established few simple rules and presented a simple mechanism for dealing with object “roles” in JavaScript. In the same time we have consluded that isFunction() and isObject() will not be that “trivial” to implement in IE.

Here is the simple requirement: write a function that will return true if argument given is a function. Hint: In IE, typeof window.alert , returns “object”
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