metacall()()()™ + project Euler


[Note: metacall base article]

I am currently in the stage of searching for simple but valid examples of metacall validity (aka: usefulness) as interfacing concept and programming idiom.

Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler

And, I think I have found one. metacall + project Euler. The mathematical nature of some computational problems make them a great fit for the functional paradigm. For those of you who don’t know, “Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems…” ( I have concluded I could use the simple and interesting solution for a problem from “Project Euler” to show metacall in action.
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JavaScript without if else cascades


Never ending JavaScript. Is this a rehash of an old post? Yes it is.
But is it still relevant.? Well, yes it is. Very much so.

Please (re) read carefully and try and use in your production JavaScript.  In case you want it to be resilient and efficient JavaScript.

[first published 2011 Sep 15]

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ELM prog. lang., compilation target running locally on Windows 10

Wow. what a title! Ideal for trapping the passing innocent (but sharp and progressive) programmer.

If you are here reading this, I assume you are not a botanist, and you obviously know what is ELM and a bit more about it. So, how do we achieve this master level ELM magic? How do we make ELM “executable” run “locally” and on Windows (any Windows since 1999) on top of that ?

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