HTML5 is spoiling the assumed balance

HTML5 spoiling the assumed balance? We are in  2017 Q4, XAML is back to the Windows and here to stay.  So what is this HTML5 title all about?

Aim is here to show you a bit of a history regarding XAML in the context of my text bellow written 6 years ago. Ok, let’s rewind to 2011. WinJS is raging beast in the Windows woods. Windows 8 is out. Times are interesting. One must always take the opportunity to learn from history

It is now 2011 June 24-th.

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Windows 10 , the story so far


Update 2016 Feb 01

In all of my gullible-ity of one seasoned M£FT guinea pig, I assumed the UAC  issues have somehow been solved as WIN10 progressed through numerous updates. But no, it was not. Is there no end to this?

Think hard. Think …

I am thinking hard, and …. no. I can’t find an excuse for M$FT Windows 10 decision makers. Yes, I have read good posts for grown ups on this issue, but still I am not able to think of an good reason for this kind of thinking. Can you?

Update 2015 Aug 29

I am doing my best not to get fed-up. But this bellow is a fundamental confusion. Not a strong delivery.


Rant Reason Explanation (RRE): Windows App Store has no reason to be hidden from anyone NOT having Microsoft Account. Technically one needs to login with Microsoft Account for the purpose of App installing and arriving to her desired machine. But this has nothing to do with browsing through the shop. This is like asking for a possession of a valid credit card on the entrance doors, not at the till.

Thinking of which, this is standard practice for M$FT wherever you see the “FREE” sign above the entrance doors to any of the M$FT virtual kingdoms. Like Azure fore example. IT is all free, as long as you provide a valid credit card beforehand.

And the key point: This kind of fundamental solution and decision makers “thinking” that must have been done behind it, is now apparent, after the new OS is “delivered”.

Original Article

How very true.

One of the genuine Windows 10 setup screens

2015 August 13

Windows 10 is simply not ready yet. That’s the bottom line.