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C++ Windows Unicode Console Output

Update 2022 12 13

This is me thinking. Windows is UTF16 OS; why try to make it UTF8 OS? Just leave it alone and let it be wide-char OS.

And all is dandy in the winland of sugar and candy …

Update 2018 12 07

The key problem, as explained here, is now acknowledged by Visual Studio / MSVC team. Please follow here.

Update 2018 12 05

Many thanks to many of you visiting this post every day.  As a “reward”, I have made the small console app to help you set up your Windows console to show UTF-8 text properly.

DBJ UTF8 Console set up aid

This little program is, of course, free and you can download it (zipped) from here, straight awayContinue reading

C++ DBJ Error Concept, at last

Caveat Emptor

This is left in here purely for historical reasons. This is probably the first coherent text of mine on the subject of valstat.


Approximately 7 months ago I posted to Reddit. Under the title:

Decades have passed, standard C++ has no agreed and standard error handling concept.

That got attention of the crowd, and some important folks from the C+++ universe also chimed in. More or less all approving.

I obviously had to show some code. No pressure there. Continue reading