C++ Windows Unicode Console Output

2018JAN10 Note: I have this in a form of a modern C++ lib. It is just not yet presentable. Stay tuned.

Note: bellow is (some kind of) research notes in reverse chronological order. Newest on the top. So what is bellow might be invalidated with what came latter or up that is.

Note: Choice of  console font is here what gives results to this problem. Yet another unknown in the windows console equation, but alas necessary. Yes my lib to be released allows for console font change too.

Note: After decades of substandard console experience, users of Windows REDSTONE 4 will at last experience an much improved console. ANSI color escape codes and the rest.  We shall see and test again.

By default, Windows console is not Unicode capable.

if you are surprised by this and you are a beginner to a mid-level C++ developer, I might suggest you want to read this post.
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Will I be right about Windows 9, too ?

Update 6.Nov.17

Perhaps, but obviously wrong about the (then) next Windows version. It is 10.

Update 5.Apr.14

Advanced technology that keeps getting better
Advanced technology that keeps getting better

For yet another very good and authoritative non-speculation we can be again thankful to Mary J.F. and THIS article.  Here it is all obvious (at least to me).  Implementation of X-Box One is so close to my speculations that I might be thinking not to call them “my” … instead they are just “valid speculations”. Came true. At least in X-Box One.

But Windows “Threshold” (non)revelation is 3 days behind us. And … it was a (very big) anti-climax.

Widely published huge stage and screen with a WIN desktop and yet another version of famous but largely irrelevant Start Menu. Not a word on OS architecture. Perhaps even more ridiculous is that no sane commentator bothered to even mention X-Box One in this context ? Here is why.

I have hard time to believe that Dave Cutler and Hoi Vo, ex director of Hyper-V Hypervisor , worked 2+ years on a game console in a completely unrelated fashion v.s. the next Windows project.

Plot is thickening, stay tuned 🙂

Original Post: 12.Feb.14

I am modest guy. I might ruin that image here but first,  I will list my successful predictions and advice,  on Windows 8:

  1. https://dbj.org/my-windows-8-advice/
  2. https://dbj.org/architecture-of-a-compomise/
  3. https://dbj.org/what-if/

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