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Cloud Computing terminology might hurt you

[Update 2015 Mar 30]

An very good article very much in the same direction has appeared on ZDNET.

[Originally published Dec 2013]

Really? How can a terminology hurt me ? Well it can: Indirectly through your wallet. And this is because PaaS/SaaS/IaaS v.s. Cloud nomenclature is not well understood. There is no consistent terminology. Thus people residing on this brave Cloud Computing Planet, do make fundamental mistakes that can cost them a lot. All just because of the initial misunderstandings on the terminology level.

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XIAOMI is going beyond LEAN

MIUI Dev Cycle
After all week has 7 days, does it not?

XIAOMI is going beyond LEAN

Unlike the customized Android builds from most other vendors, Xiaomi started out making Android ROMs before it even shipped a phone. It seems, MIUI team takes its software very seriously. Above is the release schedule for MIUI—yes, MIUI devices are  getting weekly OTAs.

Many smartphones are lucky to get an OTA once or twice a year. The weekly updates probably aren’t anywhere near as big as the bi-yearly updates some other phones get, but make no mistake, in this case, bugs get fixed extremely quickly.

This obviously opens the ability for minor features, which are also added all the time.

Does all of this requires 7 day working week is debatable (perhaps) but obviously it works well. Reviewers are delirious about the new MIUI.