Chrome Mobile OS. Not if and not when, but how.

Is it really possible this is already a valid question to ask ? Can this really be true?

“Desktop First Mobile Second” slogan is the most irritating marketing (truth economy) slogan for today. Among few other of Google executives “revelations”, revealed in numerous interviews appearing today … Carefully prepared well in advance, I assume.

That slogan is of course not true. It is a part of a grand schema devised to replace Android. As any other legacy software, Android has to be “decommissioned” and current flora and fauna in that jungle has to be carefully migrated to Chrome OS. We all know that, Google knows that and, I hope, this is not debatable.

I think I know a thing or two about system software, hardware and a such, after two + dozens of years in IT. I also think it is very safe to assume that Google engineers are more than capable of grafting anything they want on top of Linux kernel. Using almost any of the devices they have also designed. Therefore.

Where is Mobile Chrome OS?

It is very likely it is already running in the lab, on Nexus hardware. From Nexus 4 to Nexus 10.

You my dear reader, are not a very naive person, are you not? As a such you know that engineers are the last group of people deciding what and when is going to be actually transformed into the product and released. So, I am talking to you here: The thinking reader.

My prediction is that Chrome OS on mobile devices will be released VERY VERY CAREFULLY. With lot of supposedly technological excuses for  executing this very slow and touchy approach. I might be so bold to predict a detail too: Google will play the good old “new OS needs new CPU” stunt. So, Google keynotes will start claiming this:

ARM64 + ChromeOS = next mobile ecosystem evolutionary step (aka MobileChrome or whatever)

Why? Simple explanation: delaying tactics.  ARM64 will be presented as “necessary” to run Mobile Chrome OS. That will give Google enough time for safe transition from Android (gasp!) to Mobile Chrome. And of course for milking the Andro-Cash cow. Which activity never hurt anybody, especially not the legions of euphoric share-holders.

Therefore. Google sure does need it, and wants to keep it, all VERY “evolutionary”. In the past, Android “revolutionary” ecosystem was unleashed too soon from Google kindergarten project. By good engineers, but alas too inexperienced in everything else. Like money is, for example.

These days fragmented Android ecosystems reminds me of one enormous un-maneuverable (fragmented) ship.  That has to be somehow, carefully retired back to final port. Not demolished and sunk in the middle of the sea, altogether with valuable cargo.

And on this huge Andro-Ship there is one “under the deck” habitat, inhabited by few hundred millions of faithfuls who must not be disappointed.

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