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ELM , running locally on Windows 10

Wow. what a title! Ideal for trapping the passing innocent (but sharp and progressive) programmer.

If you are here reading this, I assume you are not a botanist, and you obviously know what is ELM and a bit more about it. So, how do we achieve this master-level ELM magic? How do we make ELM “executable” run “locally” and on Windows (any Windows since 1999) on top of that?

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To re-turn to feasibility you have to innovate

Optimal System Navigator
Optimal System Navigator. Bellow “zero” is not feasible.

To return to feasibility the enterprise has to innovate

Why is that a feasible strategy? To innovate means to disrupt. And Disruption is feasible if it transforms into improvement. And that transformation from disruptive innovation to feasibility is made possible only by the use of the discipline of  Architecture. Continue reading