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C++ : codecvt deprecated. Panic?


P0618RO:  “…The entire header <codecvt> (which does not contain the class codecvt!) is deprecated, as are the utilities wstring_convert and wbuffer_convert. These features are hard to use correctly, and there are doubts about whether they are even specified correctly. Users should use dedicated text-processing libraries instead…”

(In a rush? For the comprehensive “all in one” solution please goto here )

Therefore: C++17:codecvt is, officially, irrevocably, gone. For good. Deprecated.  And there is this highly suspicious: “Text-processing libraries” advice. Panic?  Please don’t. My advice? “Stay cool calm and collected and all things will fall into place”. Read on. Continue reading

Do your C++ reality check…

[April 19th, 2006]

Recently while having some discussions on a forum populated with very good C++ developers, I started to realize…

Many of them do not see the reality same as I do? Most of the discussions are blossoming simply because of reality checks that developers fail to do. Especially if they are in this IT industry where constant change is the name of the game.

A simple example: STL. Did discussion explode around the issue of using or not using the STL in the code? Yes. A drastic example of a reality check missing. Here is why:

  1. STL does not exist any more. At least two years.
  2. STL is replaced with stdlib : standard library for C++
  3. Standard C++ has stdlib at its core. It is based on stdlib.

Three points from the reality of C++ today. Have you done your C++ reality check, yet :)?