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My jQuery outerHTML plugin


No, if, no else Javascript? Look here.

Update 10-OCT-2017: This little plugin is consistently on the top of most viewed ones on this site.  Let’s see why.

There are several outerHTML plugins for jQuery around. But I could not find any that works “in the spirit of jQuery”.

Side note: Have you seen this plugin ? It gives you list of events attached.  Check it out later.

Update 13-NOV-2015

After reading recently the 2 year old post on, from where a lot of people are coming here, I have decided, to behave responsibly, and offer an (slightly) more optimized version.

Is this an optimization or obfuscation? To actually prove if this is better version performance wise, I should test it.
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What is the most feasible implementation of this architecture ?

On the Enterprise (aka Generic) level, more or less all of us Architects, are capable to agree on the universal diagram, providing Enterprise Architects view of an modern company. Of course, any modern company is relying 99% on the success of its IT assets.

Universal Enterprise
Universal Enterprise IT Landscape

Here we have it. Nice clean, generic, and universally applicable. Just as any good IT Architecture should be: Generic. Continue reading

The Big Switch

HTML5, JavaScript, WINC++, no SilverLight, where is .NET, etc … W8 uproar is all arround us. No point on cogitating more on that. Now I am asking myself: where does W8 roadmap leaves some until yesterday important Microsoft projects? Very good as an example of this suddenly doubtful, until yesterday flagship projects, is: LightSwitch.
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