The Dictator

Text to Speech

“The Dictator” is an interactive speech to text application.

Speech to text is implemented by using Google “Speech to Text Converter”. The recognized words appear in the pronounced text box. Below this text box is the multi-line prepared text box. The produced text can be normally copied to any Windows application.

The speech to text conversion is started by pressing the right mouse button followed by the beep sound, while the cursor is in the dark grey field of the Dictator application. By releasing the right mouse button, the speech to text conversion ends.

Afterwards, the recognized text can be copied, to the desired location, after pronouncing or after preparation of the text in the “prepared” text box. Before copying the text, while the cursor is in the dark grey field, left mouse click removes a program from the screen.

The application returns to the screen, by clicking a mouse wheel or by clicking on its taskbar icon. Copying a spoken or prepared text to the desired location is done using standard copy/paste procedure. If the prepared text box is empty, the pronounced text will be copied. Otherwise, the prepared text will be copied.

Left mouse click pastes pronounced text to the desired position in the prepared text. To make a sentence out of pronounced text Left-click on the A. This can also be done by selecting a part of the prepared text and clicking left mouse button on the A—.. Left-click on the A converts the first letter of a word to upper or lower case in the prepared text while the cursor is on that word.

If a part of the text in the prepared text box is selected then that part is printed in uppercase or lowercase by pressing the A. Left-click on the sign button places that sign at the cursor position in the prepared text.

The commands:

  • Backspace
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Select All
  • Copy
  • Delete

To input or modify single text character using voice please say “letter”. And then the word that starts with that letter.

If you are tired of typing on the keyboard or you might need to quickly write your thoughts, then this program is perfect for you.

I wish you a successful work.

Author. designer and developer:  Nenad Dunjić – Beca