HTML5 is spoiling the assumed balance

HTML5 spoiling the assumed balance? We are in  2017 Q4, XAML is back to the Windows and here to stay.  So what is this HTML5 title all about?

Aim is here to show you a bit of a history regarding XAML in the context of my text bellow written 6 years ago. Ok, let’s rewind to 2011. WinJS is raging beast in the Windows woods. Windows 8 is out. Times are interesting. One must always take the opportunity to learn from history

It is now 2011 June 24-th.

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The Big Switch

HTML5, JavaScript, WINC++, no SilverLight, where is .NET, etc … W8 uproar is all arround us. No point on cogitating more on that. Now I am asking myself: where does W8 roadmap leaves some until yesterday important Microsoft projects? Very good as an example of this suddenly doubtful, until yesterday flagship projects, is: LightSwitch.
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