c++ Play it only once Sam

Just how many times you have admitted to yourself it was rather foolish to think of globals in C++ as “a simple thing” 🙂 After all: What could possibly go wrong? If you know what I am talking about please proceed.

As it turns out many things can and will go wrong, with what you think of as C++ global variables and functions. I am sure every now and then, you are wondering why is this singleton not a singleton, why is this function called more than once,  and how it is, that nobody seems to care?

After many years of various coding idioms, that handle static linkage and global variables, and the famous “Singleton Pattern” implementations, may I be so bold to remind you: you do not have to dance around these issues any more.

It is 2018 after all. Continue reading “c++ Play it only once Sam”

Modern C++ : The Actual Type

Well, the other day I stumbled onto  this which in turn lead me to this .  Which in turn made me realize I still have not published my little useful utility. Addition to my modern c++, so called dbj++ library or so called “foundation mechanisms” . To be used in lieu with the ubiquitous modern c++ std lib.  Continue reading “Modern C++ : The Actual Type”