List of events attached. The jQuery plugin.

Do you think they have noticed we are not on the list for this event?
Do you think they have noticed we are not on the list for this event?

[Update 2015 June 07]

In case you need the code, or you just want a try, or if you doubt the solution bellow still works, please go to THIS JS fiddle.

[Originally published April 9, 2013]

For each element  DOM itself has a list of events, associated with that element. Currently that list is not exposed. There is no DOM in-built method to list events attached to an element.

Some people have this irresistible urge to get to this list. Perhaps we can help them. Using jQuery there is a way to get to the list of jQuery events attached to each DOM element.
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My jQuery outerHTML plugin


Update 10-OCT-2017: This little plugin is consistently on the top of most viewed ones on this site.  Let’s see why.

There are several outerHTML plugins for jQuery around. But I could not find any that works “in the spirit of jQuery”.

Side note: Have you seen this plugin ? It gives you list of events attached.  Check it out later.

Update 13-NOV-2015

After reading recently the 2 year old post on, from where a lot of people are coming here, I have decided, to behave responsibly, and offer an (slightly) more optimized version.

Is this an optimization or obfuscation? To actually prove if this is better version performance wise, I should test it.
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