c++ The Mithycal Console App

Why hiding it, I like this diagram. A lot. It represents a typical “cloud side” (Azure) system using some component called “XYZ”, that happens to be written in C or C++. Most likely C, because it has to be integrated with NODE.JS.

Spot your product
Spot your product

You are C/C++ coder/developer/owner (of XYZ) and this is where your component lives these days (2020 Q1). Or in a place much like this one but on a different cloud. Continue reading “c++ The Mithycal Console App”

C++ so you want a fast code ?

So little C++ so much good!

The other day, leader of a “star studded” GitHub repo sent me email with this paragraph:

“… This is hard. I am in the process of re-engineering XYZ’s deeper work in stage 2.
He “went away” and did a lot of refactoring, and we end up losing massively on the
performance side of things….” Continue reading “C++ so you want a fast code ?”