c++ : human readable type names on both platforms

In case you like to experiment and learn modern C++, you will be needing some R&D little nuggets of your own.

For example. C++ is notorious for its powerful meta programming capabilities.  Thus it is very likely, in your C++ quest, you need to see the name of some type that is giving you headache.

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My Quora nano moment of glory

“Mr Chueng” was kind enough to ask a question on Quora, which due to some email meandering of destiny has dropped into my inbox, too.

I think there might be some educational quality in this text, so here it is for my followers, here.  So what was the question and what is the answer.
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Windows in danger!

Windows in danger!
Windows in danger!

The latest Microsoft Re-Org is a Sandstorm that has engulfed suddenly everything in the industry.  Some people are confused and rushing towards  numerous MVP’s  pop-in’ in and out in the midst of that sandstorm of half truths, FUD,  technical illiteracy, and similar Mirages.

Therefore I am not indulging in yet another feverish mega debate for or against some minor part of the Empire. I have this urge to do the opposite. Thus, I would like to propose to you the three fundamental facts (TFF) we need to agree upon:  Continue reading “Windows in danger!”