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If you remove this line Footnote2 will wreak havock to your text.

// comment
template<typename T>
class type final {
    struct nested_type final {
        constexpr static inline T const * = nullptr ;
// are the "less than" and "greater than" coming out right?
// or as their html escape codes
auto variable = type<bool>();

it you try the [code] short code it will simply not work.

Next is me trying the <pre> markup.

less than -- < greater than --- >
works, but do not try to use markup for inline code in here
as it will simply be not shown.
and  inside the pre will simply be processed with WP editor 
, by removing it completely or adding the closing tags as it did for this html
So basicaly pre is not pre ... it is kind of a pre in WP editor.

Back to not a source code text.

  1. This is footnote text. markdown is this [^1]:. Semi colon is mandatory. 
  2. Also note how footnotes have <hr /> added above them which you can not control. Also if you do not mark that <hr /> as inline code, the rest of the line will simply not show.