C++ modern but non-existent code

The “crown jewel” of the post first. I use standard C++ and this macro :

Any number of any legal arguments works. In or out of functions. In or out a namespace. Yes it is a macro too.

That is runtime zero cost. noexcept is compile time affair. And since the result is cast to “nothing” aka void that compiles to exactly 0 bytes.

The philosophy

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How to avoid implicit conversion in C++

Exact types of Fasteners
Exact types of Fasteners


Value Handle to Avoid Implicit Conversions in standard C++


“… C++ is not a bad language per se. It’s just, well kinda suffers from bloat. In the words of Richard E. Gooch, “It seduces the programmer, making it much easier to write bloatware“…”
The source

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