C++ Windows Unicode Console Output

Update 2018 12 07

The key problem, as explained here, is now acknowledged by Visual Studio / MSVC team. Please follow here.

Update 2018 12 05

Many thanks to many of you visiting this post every day.  As a “reward”, I have made the small console app to help you set up your Windows console to show UTF-8 text properly.

DBJ UTF8 Console set up aid

This little program is, of course, free and you can download it (zipped) from here, straight awayContinue reading “C++ Windows Unicode Console Output”

C++ SQLite Yet Another Api (YAPI)

Perhaps not C++?
Data Jars

Not for cookies, but for data and just very recently, I had a need for a local storage, aka desktop database. Of course, it has to be small but complete, mature and functional. And the API, I am creating, has to be simple.

Thus “C++ SQLite Yet Another API (YAPI)”, was born.

Update: just checked in, a much lighter version “1.0.1”. Continue reading “C++ SQLite Yet Another Api (YAPI)”

C++ How to create unique types, from the all stack template. Part two.

Same Template Different Types
Same Template Different Types

Part one is here. And what is going on in here?

A real-life use case. I had the same task in my dbj++sql. An SQLite standard C++ API. A simple template with “nothing” inside that has to be made into separate unique types when defined.

Simple looking, but crucial for the whole framework to offer “simple udf’s” functionality for the customers.  And I wanted to implement this with as little interaction as possible with complex sqlite3 C API. Continue reading “C++ How to create unique types, from the all stack template. Part two.”