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Coding and advice in developing Software and IT systems.  At all levels of complexity. Special care has been taken for beginners and students.  Both code and advice, are a product of 25+ years of active commercial programming, team leading and delivering systems architecture.

Here you will also find a lot of very deep, commercial C++, JavaScript, and jQuery. The focus of the material presented, is on how to deliver APIs and libraries that are rock solid and useful. And that does not annoy the end-users, at the same time.

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Asynchronous JavaScript

Asynchronous Java Script
Asynchronous Java Script

This might not be a text for wizards of javascript. But I think, it might be very interesting for the other, much larger part of DOM/javascript developers population?

And (I dare to suggest) some from the narrow circle of self named javascript “ninjas” may learn how to apply object oriented programming paradigms and design patterns to contemporary javascript functional programming idioms.

For Asynchronous JavaScript 2/3 please click here.

Jan 23, 2009
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