The real costs of owning the IT landscape

IT rely hit this time
IT realy hit this time

Manage the costs, before they manage you

But it might contain some pieces of information that might come handy to more than few CxO ‘s right now. Especially if the said CxO ‘sare given the responsibility to “own” the IT landscape in some medium or large organization. Approx 50  seats onward, complexity depending.

In this context, and perhaps because of this post, I might be called a bit of a pessimist., which is calling himself a realist.

Side note:  Perhaps looking for good copy/paste opportunity?  Click here for your required dose.

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When is an IT Architecture obsolete ?

Today I came over this solution for an document storage and retrieval. With pretty hefty size requirements. Ok, I did it , but without false modesty I will admit that it struck me how simple and cost effective this architecture is. And still relevant, one year after. And this is equally if not even more interesting.

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