CallStream + project Euler

I am currently in the stage of searching for simple but valid examples of CallStream validity (aka: usefulness) as interfacing concept and programming idiom.

Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler

And, I think I have found one. CallStream + project Euler. The mathematical nature of some computational problems make them a great fit for the functional paradigm. For those of you who don’t know, “Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems…” ( I have concluded I could use the simple and interesting solution for a problem from “Project Euler” to show CallStream in action.
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Nobel Prize 2017 for Economy. I beg to differ.

Nudging Theory? I am sure you can “Google out” the essence of it. But here is my favorite citation from Wikipedia:

It has been remarked that nudging is also a euphemism for psychological manipulation as practiced in social engineering.

I can not agree more.

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Inheritance is Anti-Pattern. When misused. C++

As I am also claiming since ages ago, inheritance as (class or component) composition method is evil. There is no reason to use class inheritance.

And I am not the inventor of this advice.

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