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Like it or not. Windows, Microsoft and the rest of that ecosystem are the most important IT sector indicators. This is where you will find such a content based on decades of accumulated knowledge and experience. Some insider knowledge? You bet.

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What If ?

Who has not seen that one single famous (and semi baked) architectural diagram of W8?
This is the one :

W8 Architecture, MSFT

Half baked and muddled indeed. Perhaps intentionally. Perhaps this is work in progress. So, I am thinking, this is “early days”, etc. Next W8 (beta that is) version of W8 might easily turn into this architecture:
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Metro UI

Well, I have seriously “elevated” this blog. Just changed all my fonts to “Segoe UI”.
I am sure You can feel the freshness of it already. Provided You are not using unwanted client machine right now?

The Big Switch

HTML5, JavaScript, WINC++, no SilverLight, where is .NET, etc … W8 uproar is all arround us. No point on cogitating more on that. Now I am asking myself: where does W8 roadmap leaves some until yesterday important Microsoft projects? Very good as an example of this suddenly doubtful, until yesterday flagship projects, is: LightSwitch.
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