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IT Architecture can be Feasible and Innovative

To re-turn to feasibility each enterprise has to innovate.  And to innovate means to disrupt.

“…Disruption is a tricky word in the enterprise. Forward thinking CIO’s and vendors talk about disruption as a positive form of innovation in which an organization changes processes and business model to adapt, evolve, and improve. At the same time, few companies want to disrupt their own business operations or risk their ability to create and deliver products…”(source)

dbj skill lies in delivering solutions that are both innovative and feasible, while in the same time guiding the projects along the least disruptive path.

dbj approach is uniformly balanced and firmly based on years of commercial experience and technical knowledge, in developing, managing and delivering a lot of complex IT projects. dbj is successful in using the right mixture of tools and technologies while architecting and delivering IT. For dbj the single key word is : Feasibility. Not just feasible technology or development, but full life-cycle feasibility of marketing, delivery and maintenance. Simply and most importantly: tangible business benefits.

Feasibly Disruptive™